The Great C64 Cheats Compendium

Updated 2006-08-05

Number of games: 222

Public Domain

2004-07-17: Been playing with VICE C64, and noticed that many cheats in cheat collections are incomplete or erroneous. Added the correct Jumpman cheat, but don't hold your breath for more...
2005-09-17: Finally found a possible cheat poke for the annoying Yie Ar Kung Fu II. We'll see if it works. No. It doesn't. :(
2006-01-04: Dragonskulle infinite energy cheat added, found it myself (I still know 6502 :). And I also played through the game!



Some of the games can be resetted, poked and started again - probably those which have "sys xxxxx" listed. Some require Action Replay or some other freezer cartridge.

An asterisk (*) means that I have tested the cheat and it is more likely to work than the others.

Exclamation mark (!) means that the same poke has been found from at least two different sources - more likely to work.

Arcade and miscellaneous games

Ace 2

	poke 3652, 173		Infinite Planes

Action Biker (C-Action Biker?)

!	poke 59626, 189


	poke 4969, 173
	poke 6754, 173

Airborne Ranger

	poke 61467, 173
	poke 61647, 173
	poke 3192, 173
	poke 2270, 173


	poke 3929, 165


	poke 18679, 173
	sys 16384


	poke 2564, 189
	poke 39801, 189		Infinite Lives (Player 1&2)
	Choose 2 players. When the second player has over 20000 points,
	he'll get an extralife for every new point.


	poke 59891, 173

Army Moves

	poke 14888,173
	sys 8415

The code to part 2 is 15863. For a message from the programmer, try the code 79681.

Auf Widersehen Monty

	poke 21862,76
	poke 21863,123
	poke 21864,85		Eternal life
	sys 16384

Batman the Movie

	poke 4866, 173


	poke 2828, 189


	Codes: chox, away, aces, high

Bionic Commando

	poke 7518, 165
	poke 7505, 230
	poke 36621, 181

Black Lamp

	poke 5076, 165


Weird, long cheat...

Reset, type

		FOR T = 4657 TO 4680: POKE T, 234: NEXT: SYS 3080
And start the game, but press F1 first.

When you are about to enter the room, where the game ends, reset again, and:

		POKE 4675, 206: POKE 4676,  23: POKE 4677, 52
		POKE 4678, 206: POKE 4679, 119: SYS 3080


	poke 11499, 173


	poke 9015, 173
	sys 8148

Bomb Jack

	Stand on the upper right platform and switch on autofire. The
	points will keep ticking until you turn it off.


At the titlescreen, type S,C,O,R,E and "Cheat mode operative" will appear on the screen. Start the game and you will be immortal.

Pressing and holding RUN/STOP stops the monsters, and you can walk through them. Release RUN/STOP and press the joy button to make them move again.


	poke 5490, 173
	sys 12452

Bone Cruncher

	Level - Code


	poke 34670, 165

Boulder Dash II

	poke 47378, 165
	sys 49125

Bounder (Gremlin Graphics 1985)

*	poke 2099, 173		$0833, $ad	infinite balls

	This game seems to have an infinite number of levels
	too. I didn't have the patience to play through all
	of them the last time I cheated with it...

Bounty Bob Strikes Back

	Level 1: Get the flowerpot, then press 1+F7 to jump to level 4.
	Level 2: Kill all monsters, jump onto the rolling hoop, then
	press 3+F7 to jump to level 22.
	Level 3: Get the trophy, then press 4+F7 to jump to level 15.
	Level 5: Get the tea pot, then press 8+F7 to jump to level 8.
	Level 10: Get the pitchfork, then press 4+5+F7 to jump to level 14.


	poke 18281, ??? (printing error in MikroBitti...)
	sys 16384


*	poke 6823, 173		$1aa7, $ad

Bubble Bobble

This poke seems pretty weird to me, especially after a reset, since address 1240 is in the middle of the normal screen. Could work with Action Replay?

!	poke 1240, 189
	sys 58518

Buggy Boy

	poke 39962, 96		Infinite Time


	poke 9905, 189

Camelot Warriors

	poke 23730, 173
	sys 16384

Captain Kidd

	poke 13203, 165		infinite lives
	poke 17669, 165		stops shoes from moving (?!?)
	sys 12288

Catch 22

	poke 20443, 173		Infinite Lives
	poke 20368, 173		Infinite Energy


I did have a cheat for this - and I did complete the game, but I can't remember how.

Cauldron II

*	poke 29207, 165		infinite lives


*	poke 24025,165 (unlimited lives) ($5dd9 $a5)
* poke 27796,165 (unlimited zaps)

Caverns of Sillahc

If you have a three-part disk version, load the longest part and start it with sys 16384. The game starts immediately and you will be invincible(?)


	poke 13346,165		Infinite Water
	poke 13401,165		Infinite Food


	poke 25680, 189		Infinite Energy

Cisco Heat

	poke 8357, 173		Infinite Credits
	sys 8015		See End Sequence
	sys 4096		Go back to main game menu

CJ's Elephant Antics

	poke 18429, 181		Infinite Lives
	(No infinite bombs as yet)


	poke 13514, 173


	poke 2454, 173

Continental Circus

	poke 35301, 0		Infinite Time

	poke 36484, 1
	poke 36485, 0		Start at 1 instead of 100

Cosmic Causeway (Mr. Chip Software)

*	poke 14937, 96		infinite time
*	sys 8608

Crazy Cars

	poke 7795, 173

Crazy Comets

*	poke 40362, 173		Infinite Lives

Crystal Castles

*	poke 5714, 173


	At the main menu, press 2 to configure keys. Choose the keys Y,
	X, E, S for the directions left, right, up and fire. Press 4
	for joystick control. Press 1 to start the game with unlimited

Cybernoid II

	Follow the same procedure as in Cybernoid I, but choose the
	keys Y, G, R, O (orgy backwards) instead.

	poke 20205, 165		Infinite Lives
	poke 13031, 0		Infinite Weapons

D.T.Supertest (Daley Thompson's?)

	poke 35411, 173

Death Wish III

	poke 21086, 189
	poke 21753, 189


!	poke 15834, 173
	sys 6000

	I think that if Delta was resetted, it didn't not work any
	more _unless_ the music was turned off (or on?).
	poke 2386,0		Weapons last forever
	poke 15834,173		Eternal life
	sys 6000


	poke 38218,234
	poke 38219,234
	poke 38220,234		Unlimited lives
	sys 6912

Dig Dug

	poke 41439, 165
	sys 2140


See The Kingdom of Doriath and The Doriath Dungeon sites for more information.

Bad pokes are circulating in the net: poking zero to 19246 is wrong. That makes poor Elidaan's stamina equal zero - meaning, he dies.

Infinite energypoke 19245, 169$4b2d, $a9
poke 19246, 1$4b2e, $01
poke 19247, 234$4b2f, $ea
Cobron amuletpoke 875, 1$036B, $01
Draconis amuletpoke 870, 1$0366, $01
Krakoli amuletpoke 872, 1$0368, $01
Magusaan amuletpoke 876, 1$036C, $01
Mingos amuletpoke 871, 1$0367, $01
Quasilin amuletpoke 877, 1$036D, $01
Roimort amuletpoke 874, 1$036A, $01
Wispith amuletpoke 869, 1$0365, $01
Wisdom to 100%poke 885, 100$0375, $64
All 8 scroll fragmentspoke 890, 8$037a, $08
64 trapdoor keyspoke 880, 64$0370, $40
64 portcullis keyspoke 879, 64$036f, $40
5 Fungata potionspoke 881, 5$0371, $05
5 Cloronar potionspoke 882, 5$0372, $05
64 stamina potionspoke 878, 64$036e, $40

Keys and potions "go around" if you get more than 100 - don't set the values too high.

The numbers don't update until you use the items; it first seems that you don't have more keys or potions, but they do exist.

I presume you can't complete the game with infinite energy cheat active. You can restore original values (remember to take a stamina potion first!) by poke 19245, 173; poke 19246, 118; poke 19247, 3 ($4b2d $ad $76 $03).


Infinite energy (hacked it myself, so it definitely works):
poke 5369, 169: poke 5380, 1: poke 5381, 234

($14f9 lda #$01, $14fb nop)

Dragon Ninja

	poke 43123, 0
	sys 2016
	(This sys must be an error, it is probably 2061)

Dragon's Lair

	poke 4069, 165


	poke 5426, 173
	sys 2058

Empire Strikes Back

Press SPACE, N, M, J, B, K and L simultaneously for infinite shields.


	poke 2114, 255		gives 255 lives
	sys 2061
	poke 7427,173
	poke 5650,173		Eternal life and unlimited supply of missiles
	sys 2061

Exploding Fist II

* Press and hold RESTORE when the screen is scrolling. You'll slide forward and you won't meet any opponents.

	poke 13617, 173
	(Infinite energy?)

5th Gear

	poke 15171, 173

Fantasy World Dizzy

	poke 9652, 173		Infinite Lives
	poke 9610, 76, 199, 37	Invincibility
	poke 9568, 174		Water Doesn't Kill
	poke 9566, 96		Fire Doesn't Kill
	poke 10862, 0		No need to collect 30 coins to complete game
	poke 12765, speed	Game Speed: 1 fastest, 255 normal, 80-128 best

Fighting Warrior

	poke 57867, 165
	sys 49278

Flying Shark

	poke 7999, 173
	sys 2061

Future Knight

	poke 13046, 173


	poke 16269, 173
	sys 12288

Game Over

	Code to part 2 (planet Sckunn) is "ZAPPA"


In two player mode, let the second player be killed by Death. Then let the first player get killed by Death also and you'll end up with 9999 health points.

In three minutes, all walls vanish. Normally this would consume too much energy, but try the same with pause.


	Enter: no name and account no. 458 to get $1,000,000.
*	Another funny account is "MUSTIS" and number 111111111 (all "1"'s).
	Yet another one: "GHOST BUSTERS", number 8796191

Marshmallow Man destroying buildings?
I think you need to have the "marshmallow trap" bought at the beginning. Press key 't' to activate it when marshmallow man is about to be created. You got to be on the city map when doing this, of course. Timing wasn't that crucial with it, as long as you don't do it too early.
Correction: the thing is GHOST BAIT, and works with key 'b' instead. (Strange, I really think I always pressed 't'. I'll confirm this whenever I play the game next time...which might take a while.)

Ghosts'n Goblins

	poke 7086,5 		Zombies go up & down
	poke 7086,7 		Zombies blows up
	poke 7086,10		Zombies move like devils
	poke 7086,15		Zombies turn into gold, weapons, etc.
	poke 7086,18		Zombies turn into dolls
	poke 7086,19		Zombies turn into phantoms
	poke 7086,22		Zombies try to pull you down
	poke 7086,23		Zombies carry you to the second level
	poke 7086,26		Zombies turn into dragonheads
	poke 7086,27		Zombies fly around
	poke 7086,29		Fires are lit everywhere
	sys 2128

	Kristian Wiklund:

	poke 4242,42

	when you fire your weapon all monsters blow up.

	(at least if your knight looks at them when throwing the weapon.
	my memory tells me that this wan't necessary, but when I tried
	it on the c64s emulator a few days ago it was.)


Write name "WIGAN RLFC" into high score list. At the next game, press "A" for armor and "S" to skip a level.

!	poke 10798, 165

The Goonies

	1. Mr Sloth
	2. Goon Docks
	3. Doubloon
	4. One Eyed Willy

The Great Giana Sisters

	poke 8257, 173

* Press X, Z, A and W simultaneously to pass a level.

Green Beret

	poke 5429, 173

Jump up in the air and press and hold "1". You'll stay in the air as long as you hold the button pressed, but after a while a little plane comes and drops a bomb at you.


*	poke 46687, 76
*	poke 46688, 105
*	poke 46689, 182
*	for a = 8296 to 11711 : poke a, 0 : next : REM All enemies vanish
*	sys 2067

Hacker II

Logon codes: Title, Cover, Demo, Demo Pam, Wami, Dome, Gomes Logon I.D. number is 00987 and with this number you can skip the identifying of the panel controls and start directly on the MFSM.


	poke 6513,173			Eternal life
	sys 18550

Henry's House

	poke 4063,173			Eternal life
	sys 2560

Hopping Mad

	poke 2447, 165
	sys 20480


!	poke 22521, 173
	sys 16384
		another source adds:
	poke 9289, 173

Hunter's Moon

	poke 8955, 165
		another source:
	poke 8155, 165

Hyper Circuit

	poke 31352, 250
	sys 26624

I, Ball

	poke 3265,234
	poke 20670,234		Eternal life
	sys 16939

I, Ball 2

	poke 38895, 165

International Hockey

	Press run/stop and restore. It should say "pause mode". Then press
		F1	Fast speed
		F3	Normal speed
		F5	Slow speed

International Karate

	To change the background - press and hold A+D+Z+M (in that order).
	The keys S+E makes both players stop fighting and look at you.
	You can still control your player though. Good for beating the
	CPU player.
	The game can run at 4 different speeds. Press X+[1-4] to choose
	speed: 1 = fastest, 4 = slowest.


	The asterisk key '*' changes the sun's reflection in the water.

	Press D+E+M+O to change the colour of the water and the sky.
	If you're knocked down - pause the game (SHIFT/LOCK) and
	restart it again (any key) and you'll be standing up.
	The keys 1 to 5 changes the game speed from fastest to slowest.


	poke 25117, 173			Eternal life
	poke 24969, 0-3			Starting level
	poke 24576

Iridis Alpha

	poke 16411, 128
	sys 26624

Jack the Nipper

*	Write "ZAPIT" at title screen for immortality. Border will
*	turn white.

Jack the Nipper II

!	poke 51114, 173

Jet Set Willy

*	poke 14711, 165			infinite lives
*	sys 8192

Another source claims:		POKE16424,255: SYS16384

I'm hacking with this one, trying to see the end sequence...

	$0400-$0401	stores the number of items collected?
	$383b		is the "game over" routine?

Jet Set Willy II

	poke 20980,56		$51f4, $38
	poke 20981,234		$51f5, $ea

Jumpman (NOTE: Not Jumpman Jr.)

This is the working infinite lives poke:
poke 24015,173     $5dcf, $ad
sys 36864 (not tested - I used VICE internal monitor, no need to restart game)


	poke 35220, 200
	sys 16035
		another source (freezer module poke):
	poke 44388, 173
	On highscorelist: write '(c)' for unlimited lives on a number
	of levels, but you won't get any points.
	poke 33802,234
	poke 33803,234			Eternal life
	sys 15312
	Keys: C= to quit, CTRL to pause, Hold down space while
	playing a level to get back to level menu.

	poke 44388, 173		Infinite Lives

	Remove all monsters (boring):
	poke 44458, 96
	poke 44654, 96

	Remove reset switch protection
	poke 17764, 169, 55, 133, 1, 76, 102, 254

	Levelskip using Left Arrow key
	poke 16128, 173, 1, 220, 201, 253, 240, 4, 173, 69, 3, 96, 169, 1, 96
	poke 34015, 32, 0, 63

Kung Fu Master

	Press Shift+G to shoot! This only works on the first floor.
	When game starts, press F7 for menu.
	On level 1, press SHIFT+G for a gun!!
	But don't use it too much...

	poke 45100, 189		Infinite Lives
	poke 45016, 173		Infinite Energy
	poke 44086, 96		Infinite Time

Last Ninja

	poke 30855, 165		$7887, $a5

Last Ninja II

	poke 37456, 173

Led Storm

	poke 7658, 165

Legend of Kage

Press and hold G, A, and E, and when you press V, test mode is activated. Press V again, level changes and you'll be invincible(?)

Mad Mix (Max?)

	poke 3462, 173

Manic Miner

	poke 16424, x		where x is 0..19, the starting level
*	poke 16632, 0		no collisions
*	sys 16384

Mask III

	poke 3439, 165
	poke 18066, 0
	sys 3294


Reset at title screen, sys 20480, and you can listen load music. Reset in game, sys 5200, to see the end.

Match Point

	Press the CTRL button when you're about to serve and you will
	ace the serve.


	poke 6478,0		Unlimited lives
	sys 15268

Mega Apocalypse

	poke 32417, 173
	sys 22562
		another source:
	poke 32417, 173
	poke 32509, 173		inf. lives
	poke 26070, 12
	poke 32898, 234
	poke 32903, 234		more speed to ship
	sys 22562


	poke 13501,234
	poke 13502,234		Eternal life
	sys 4096

Miami Vice

	[Shift/Run-Stop to start game]

Monty On The Run

	poke 8026, 173
	sys 12470
	(Reset might trash contents of $a000, and that is an important
	place on the MoTR map. Trashing $a000 usually blocks the way,
	and you can't complete the game. Use Action Replay...)
	Write "I WANT TO CHEAT" in the highscorelist and the background
	turns gray. When the game starts you must take the white blob
	in the water in the second room to enter cheatmode.

	(This cheat does not seem to work at all. The white blob is a
	 cloud, which can lift Monty up, not an item that could be taken.
	 Possibly this cheat is actually meant for "Auf Wiedersehen

Motor Mania

	poke 8646,255
	sys 8000


	poke 9273, 165


load "m2",8,1 from the program disk and run it. This should give infinite lives.


	poke 32979, 181
	sys 32768
	poke 32979,181: poke 46729,0		Unlimited lives and time
	sys 32768

Netherworld (Hewson)

Reset immediately when "Hewson presents...NETHERWORLD..." appears. These pokes won't work later.

	poke 12121, 44		inf. lives
	poke 7698, 44		inf. time
	poke 8138, 0		inf. energy
	sys 52320

Press 2, 4 and E simultaneously to skip a level.


	poke 5868, 255
	sys 5768

Nemesis the Warlock

*	poke 35333, 0		$8a05, $00
*	poke 35435, 0		$8a6b, $00
*	poke 35629, 0		$8b2d, $00
*	poke 37346, 0		$91e2, $00
*	poke 37722, 0		$935a, $00
*	poke 37733, 0		$9365, $00	infinite energy

New Zealand Story

!	poke 3215, 173
	sys 2306
		another source adds:
	poke 20242, 173


!	poke 34864, 189


	poke 23515, 173
	sys 16384


	poke 39922, 165
	sys 16384

Operation Thunderbolt

Write "NINJA MAGIC" or "EDOM TAEHC" (cheat mode backwards) on high score list, and it should give infinite lives.

Operation Wolf

	poke 33351, 165
	sys 16963

Painterboy (Tikkurila Oy)

This finnish game was published by Tikkurila paint factory as a marketing trick. It was (and is) a pretty cool game, actually.

	Place			Paint to use
	-----			------------
	Rautatieasema		Pikateho
	Omakotitalo		Vinha
	Kartano			Tehoöljymaali
	Kerrostalo		Yki-yki
	Rantasauna		Valtti Color Extra
	Varastorakennus		Valtti Color Extra
	Lentoasema?		Yki-Yki
	Kauppa?			Pikateho
	Kirkko?			Tehoöljymaali

The game will end at 12:00 even if there are cars left.


	poke 14370, 165
	sys 4096


	poke 5796, 96
	sys 319

At the start of the game, walk into the nearest hangar and collect the scientist. Return to the ship and then again leave again and return to the hangar. On returning there will be another scientist. Collect his kard and use it with the compubank to get some cash. Repeat as necessary. Bonanza packs are needed.

Park Patrol

*	poke 58474, 173		$e46a, $ad

Pharaoah's Curse (Synapse / Synsoft)

*	Level 2: SPHINX
*	Level 3: RAIDER


	poke 5390, 189
	poke 48039, 189
	sys 4266
		another source says:
	poke 5235, 189


	poke 5672, 165

Pro Skateboard Simulator

	poke 3701, 96		inf. time
	poke 56576, 103
	sys 28416

Pulse Warrior

	poke 9316, 240
	sys 2051


!	poke 17421, 165
	sys 2557


	At loading screen (?), reset and:
	poke 12865, 173
	poke 12957, 173			inf. lives
	poke 12700, 96			no collisions
	sys 32768


	poke 13949,221			Unlimited energy
	sys 3077


	poke 13929,0: poke 14019,0	Unlimited energy
	sys 3077


	poke 41856, 173		inf. time
	poke 48551, 173		inf. energy
	poke 48575, 173		inf. lives
	sys 50432


!	poke 42187, 165
	sys 32763

Renegade III

	poke 50714, 173


Reset the machine. Write "I HATEBROS" (two spaces after "I") on the bottom line of the screen before loading the game. Move this text into the bottom right corner ("S" should touch the right border of the screen using shift and inst/del. Then move cursor back to its original position (below READY.), and load the game. Apparently the game checks the screen for that text. If this works, you get infinite energy.

Revenge of the Mutant Camels

*	At the titlescreen or in the game, type G,O,A,T,S. Then you can
*	move to the next level by pressing SPACE.

*	COATS worked too, I think.

	poke 39707, 96			Invincibility


Cheat mode: Type "GARGLUVSBIGBOTS" (ahem) on the main menu for cheat mode. The screen should flash. You will now have infinite lives. Now, when started the game, to enter the screen designer, press CLR/HOME.

	+/-     cycle through screens
	F1      position angry yak
	F7      delete screen from memory
	INSTDEL Add screen
	C= key  Show some memory coordinates (screen size???)
	N       Name Screen
	CLRHOME Return to game
	Various keys (QWERTY etc) select building blocks
	Joystick to move around and fire to place block

Don't know any more keys.

Road Runner

	poke 43241, 165

Rock'n Roll

	poke 19167, 173

Robin of Wood

	poke 50782, 165
	sys 16384


	poke 44416, 0
	sys 32768

Rupert and the Toymaker's Party

*	poke 10584, 0
	(You'll probably need a freezer cartridge)


	Jump onto a mound of stones. Press and hold the joystick button
	and you can walk in the air above the monsters.

Sabre Wulf

	poke 45219, 173
	sys 2061


	poke 23575, 165
	sys 24019
		another source:
	poke 23575, 165		"First level"
	poke 19721, 165		"Second level"
	poke 23185, 165		"Third level"

Samantha Fox Strip Poker

	Keep betting 20, and you'll win.

Samurai Warrior

Write "HHDSFHHH" on high score list. If screen flashes, cheat is working. To remove cheat, do the same again.


	poke 14142, 173

On most levels, more points can be scored by going slowly than by going at the maximum speed. Forget about the bonus.


	Code for level 2: SABATTA
	Code for level 3: PORSCHE

Scrolls of Abadon

	To restart game: SYS52224 / G CC00


	poke 7970,173		Infinite Lives


3082/$0C0A = Energy level
3325 (lowbyte) 3326 (highbyte)/$0CFD/FE = Level you are on (This should be in hex, and when you complete a level, it will affect the code the computer gives you. Ie, you can get the code for any level you want... no it's not it doesn't work really...)
Note about Infinite Energy: Putting objects down on the level; Don't leave too many objects lying around, or the Sentinel will suck them up and put them back out as lots of trees, inevitably crashing the game.

	poke 8522, 173		Infinite Energy
	poke 6679, 173		Sentinel Doesn't Drain Energy

720 Degrees

	These should give double speed and huge jumps:
*	poke 2169 - 2180, 234	(fill that area)
*	poke 16018 - 16021, 9	(likewise)
	sys 2097


*	poke 48438, 165		bd36, a5
*	poke 61190, 165		ef06, a5

Shamus Case II

*	poke 42027, 165		a42b, a5	infinite lives

$0039 holds the room number. With a freezer cartridge, switch between rooms $26 and $01 (go left) to "complete" the game. (What a disappointment, no real end sequence...)

Skate Rock

	poke 7715, 165


	poke 61574, 165			Infinite Lives

Solomon's Key

	poke 2213, 165
	sys 2063

Space Pilot (Superior Software)

When playing, hold down CAPS LOCK and CTRL, press ESC. This enables you to jump into the next screen at any time.



	poke 40057, 96		Infinite Time

Spitting Image

	poke 3314, 173			inf. lives player 1
	poke 3348, 173			inf. lives player 2
	sys 2816

Spy Hunter

*	poke 39487, 173			infinite lives

* After being dropped off, steer right to the border of the screen. There you can drive undisturbed, until the side-shooting car arrives.

The Spy Who Loved Me

	poke 2991, 165			Infinite Lives

	poke 15059, 165			Infinite Weapon Systems
	poke 15231, 165
	poke 15140, 165

	poke 2962, 173			Infinite Damage
	poke 2881, 173
	poke 2920, 173
	poke 11795, 173
	poke 12010, 173
	poke 12364, 173
	poke 12422, 173
	poke 13249, 173
	poke 12738, 173
	poke 14626, 173


	poke 15412, 173
	sys 15133


	poke 5803, 165



Stealth (Br0derbund)

*	poke 30590, 173		$777e, $ad
*	poke 59028, 173		$e694, $ad

Storm Warrior

*	poke 8602, 173
*	poke 12299, 173		infinite lives


	poke 23858, 173


	Press P to pause, and to save game
	poke 45486, 173		Infinite Lives
	poke 48111, 173		Infinite Oxygen
	poke 44217, 173		Infinite Jetbike Fuel
	poke 31703, 173		Infinite Blaster Ammo
	poke 43808, 173		Infinite Patches

	Save/Load device number:
	poke 18956, 1 (tape) or 8 or 9 (disk)

Summer Games

The oldest "games" from Epyx. This is not a cheat, actually: it's just that when, sometimes, the diver (in the platform diving game) doesn't show up (!), you can return to menu by pressing RUN STOP + RESTORE.

Super Pipeline II

*	poke 33106, 173		$8152, $ad
*	poke 50712, 173		$c618, $ad

Tai Pan

	poke 4952,177: poke 4980,177		Unlimited cash
	sys 2055

Tales of the Arabian Nights (Interceptor)

*	poke 22473, 0
*	poke 22783, 0		no collisions
*	poke 22953, 169
*	poke 22954, 1
*	poke 22955, 234		infinite lives
*	sys 20632

Task III

	poke 32086, 173
	poke 32108,1: poke 32121,1	The enemy disappears
	poke 32086,173			Eternal life
	sys 30720

Tau Ceti

If you type something dirty when you're in computer mode, something strange will happen.

Terry's Big Adventure

	poke 33082, 173

Test Drive I

	poke 27916, 165

Keep the fire button down to avoid crashes and cliffs (?)


	poke 49590, 76
	poke 49591, 49
	poke 49592, 234
	sys 49593

Thing Bounces Back

	poke 2188, 165


	poke 8500, 44
	poke 13135, 44
	poke 13622, 44
	sys 4096


!	poke 35088, 173
	poke 35088,173		Unlimited lives
	sys 2061

Tiger Road

	poke 5749, 173

Tir Na Nog

	poke 43719, 234, 234, 234	No-one Can Kill You
	poke 44731, 76, 253, 174	All doors are unlocked

	Walk off the paths:
	poke 43872, 76, 117, 171
	poke 43919, 32, 77, 174, 165, 165, 201, 1, 240, 30, 76, 173, 171

	Save Game file much shorter:
	poke 2640, 64
	poke 2642, 31

	Able to press F1-F5 when dead (to restart):
	poke 36206, 0


	Get into first place on the highscorelist and enter "DEMO"
	instead of your name, and you'll be rewarded with a long
	animated sequence.

Trap Door

	poke 14914,96		Eternal life
	sys 14336


	poke 42200, 173

Turbo Boat Simulator

	poke 27937, 173		inf. lives
	poke 29955, 173		inf. energy
	poke 27730, 1
	poke 27983, 1		will need only 1 item for next level
	sys 27650 (or press RESTORE)

Turbo Outrun

	Pause the game with RUN/STOP. Now you can jump to the next
	course by pressing ':', or if you have a non-standard keyboard,
	the button closest to the right of 'L'.


*	poke 34401, 169
*	poke 34402, 1
*	poke 34403, 234
*	sys 36861
		or, shorter
*	poke 34401, 173
*	sys 36861

The Untouchables

Write "TECHNIQUE" at title screen. During the game, press F5 for extra energy and F7 for extra time. Pause (F1) and press a key with arrow pointing left (blame MikroBitti for this, they don't tell what key do they mean by that...), to skip a level.

Uuno Turhapuro (Muuttaa Maalle?) (Amersoft)

	poke 30692, 173

View to a Kill

West Bank

*	poke 12713, 165
		is this for a different version?
!	poke 12511, 165


	Type W,I,Z,B,O,R,E at the title screen and you'll start the
	game invincible. (This cheat does not work!)
*	poke 27440, 189			infinite lives (for all players)

*	Wait until the second title screen appears, the one where you
*	can choose the number of players. Then type W, I, Z (B,O,R,E is
*	not required). And this is the working cheat.

	I'd still like to have infinite energy for the cat.

Who Dares Wins I

	poke 18006, 173
	sys 16384


Press "C" at title screen for infinite lives.

	poke 2676,234
	poke 2677,234
	poke 2678,234				Eternal life
	sys 2112

Yie Ar Kung Fu

*	poke 47270, 173		$b8a6, $ad	infinite energy

$a070 stores energy level ($0f full)

At the moment, infinite energy cheats makes it also to calculate bonus for an infinite time. I.e. it gets stuck!

Yie Ar Kung Fu II

	poke 11174, 173		$2ba6, $ad

Yogi Bear

	poke 6478,0		Unlimited lives
	sys 11290


* On the title screen, type 'red' over and over until it appears at the top of the screen. You are now invincible!


	poke 5474, 165		Infinite Lives


	poke 47106, 189
	sys 32769
	poke 47106, 173
	poke 46994, 173		Infinite Lives

Levelskip using <- key (upper left arrow, or it might be 'C=' key, or space, or CTRL):

	poke 47129, 32, 100, 8
	poke 2148, 169, 127, 141, 0, 220, 173, 1, 220, 201,
	           223, 240, 4, 173, 96, 184, 96, 169, 1, 96

Adventure hints

These hints are mostly for those adventures that have been on C64 only.

Castle of Terror

Eureka! (Domark)

Prehistoric Man

Roman Italy

Arthurian Britain

Wartime Germany

Modern Caribbean

Kentilla (Mastertronic)

Walkthrough: (You begin outside Oregon's house) E (you are captured by the Urga-Mauls and wind up in a dungeon), SAY KENTILLA (the sword is teleported to you), KILL URGA-MAUL (when he arrives and till he dies), EXAMINE URGA-MAUL (you find a knife), SAY TO ELVA "GET NASTY KNIFE", EXAMINE URGA-MAUL (you find a key), GET LARGE KEY, OPEN DOOR, W, UNLOCK GREEN DOOR WITH KEY, UNLOCK RED DOOR WITH KEY, OPEN RED DOOR, N, D, EXAMINE CAVE (you spot a torch), GIVE KEY TO CHIEF (you can take whatever you want), GET TORCH, GET ROPE, W (now find the rattling), KILL RATTLING (till he dies), GET RATTLING (now go to the river), THROW ROPE, PULL ROPE, SWING ACROSS RIVER, N, E (Elva makes a bow using the knife), N, E, N, E (the other creatures stay away because of the rattling), E, E, UNTIE TIMANDRA (don't take too long in getting here or Timandra will be dead), S, S, S, W (Timandra introduces you to Zelda the dragon), SAY TO ELVA "GET GREEN SCROLL", CLIMB TREE, GET MUSHROOMS, D, GIVE MUSHROOMS TO ELVA, CLIMB TREE (keep climbing up and down until the mushrooms reappear), GET MUSHROOMS, D, GIVE MUSHROOMS TO ELVA, S, S, DROP RATTLING, WAIT (till Zelda arrives. She will fly you across the moat), CLIMB ZELDA (you land in 'Entrance Hall') E, N, W, EXAMINE RAGS (you find a talisman), SAY TO ELVA "GET TALISMAN", PULL ARM (on the gargoyle. The steel door opens), E, S, S, W, LOOK IN DRAWERS, GET GOLD RING, E, E, WEAR RING (a magic doorway appears), E, SAY TO ELVA "GET MIRROR", EXAMINE BEDPOST (you find a gold key), GET GOLD KEY, W, REMOVE RING (or it will turn to iron, too), DIP GOLD KEY IN BARREL (it turns into iron), WEAR RING, E, UNLOCK CHEST WITH IRON KEY, DROP IRON KEY, OPEN CHEST, LOOK IN CHEST, GET STAFF, GIVE STAFF TO ELVA, GET EMERALD, GIVE EMERALD TO ELVA, GET RED SCROLL, GIVE RED SCROLL TO ELVA, EXAMINE BED, SAY TO ELVA "TAKE BLANKET", W, SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME TALISMAN, EXAMINE TALISMAN (loaded with diamonds!), REMOVE DIAMONDS FROM TALISMAN, GIVE TALISMAN TO ELVA, GET CRUCIBLE, PUT DIAMONDS IN CRUCIBLE, PUT CRUCIBLE IN FURNACE, TURN DIAL TO ON (the diamonds melt), TURN DIAL TO OFF, GET CRUCIBLE, LOOK IN CRUCIBLE, GET GRAPHITE, DROP CRUCIBLE, W, N, N, E, TURN DIAL TO 16, PUSH BUTTON (you arrive at the waterfall). GET CRYSTAL, CLIMB ROPE, E, U, S, OPEN GREEN DOOR, W, GET SACK (anything inside it is weightless. It contains a chalice), PUT CRYSTAL IN SACK, PUT GRAPHITE IN SACK, E, D, KILL CHIEF (and any other Urga-Mauler), EXAMINE CHIEF, GET SMALL KEY, U, W, UNLOCK CHEST WITH SMALL KEY, OPEN CHEST, DROP SMALL KEY, LOOK IN CHEST, GET YELLOW SCROLL (heal spell), CAST HEAL SPELL (your wounds heal), GET TINDERBOX, E, E, EXAMINE DUNGEON (you find some wax), SAY TO ELVA "GET WAX", W, N, D, W, W, E, LOOK IN SACK, GET CRYSTAL, WAIT (it glows, because of the sun), PUT CRYSTAL IN SACK, N, EXAMINE RIVER (you find some moss), GET MOSS, GET ROPE, S, S, DROP MOSS (it dries), SAY TO ELVA "GET MOSS", W, D, TIE ROPE TO STALAGMITE, PULL ROPE (the stalagmite breaks), TIE ROPE TO STALAGMITE, PULL ROPE (now it will hold), CLIMB ROPE, GO WATERFALL, GET LAMP, EXAMINE LAMP (right out of Aladdin!), RUB LAMP (the genie will not grant you your three wishes!), GIVE LAMP TO ELVA, W, CLIMB ROPE, UNTIE ROPE, GET ROPE, W, E, N, THROW ROPE, PULL ROPE, SWING ACROSS RIVER, N, N, W, N, N, N, DIG SAND (you uncover a shell), GET SHELL, LISTEN TO SHELL (it tells you that the beetles hate blue mushrooms), DROP SHELL, S, EXAMINE VEGETATION, EXAMINE VEGETATION (you find a boat and some oars), PUT TINDERBOX IN SACK, GET OARS, LOOK IN SACK, GET CHALICE, SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME WAX", WEAR WAX (you stuff it in your ears). PUSH BOAT, ENTER BOAT, ROW BOAT WEST (it is filling with water!), BAIL WATER WITH CHALICE, ROW BOAT WEST (because of the wax you can't hear the sirens), LEAVE BOAT, DROP OARS, DROP WAX, W, DROP TORCH, W, SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME EMERALD", EXAMINE EMERALD (in the darkness you can now see Sagagoo), GIVE EMERALD TO ELVA, E, GET TORCH, W, LOOK IN SACK, W, GET CRYSTAL (it is _still_ glowing! (impressive!) The troll turns to stone), PUT CRYSTAL IN SACK, N, EXAMINE FLOOR, GET ROD, S, WAIT, WAIT (you have caught a disease), SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME RED SCROLL", SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME MOSS", CAST CURE SPELL (cured!), SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME STAFF", U (using the ring you see a ward), SAY SAGAGOO (the staff glows), HIT WARD WITH STAFF, N, LOOK IN DESK, DROP CHALICE, GET SILVER DAGGER, W, EXAMINE IDOL (it has a hole in the shoulder), INSERT ROD (you lock the arm), OPEN TRAPDOOR, D, EXAMINE DEBRIS, GET BOTTLE, OPEN BOTTLE (the genie demolishes the stone door), N, SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME MIRROR", PUT MIRROR IN CAGE (the Karush attacks its own reflection and gets stuck), OPEN DOOR, N, OPEN SMALL DOOR, E, CLOSE SMALL DOOR, SAY TO ELVA "SHOOT DARG-VOOL" (he shoots, he scores!), E, E, N, SAY TO ELVA "DROP MUSHROOMS", SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME MUSHROOMS", W (using the mushrooms you chase the beetles west where they kill the Zalrogs), W, DROP KEY, LOOK IN SACK, GET GRAPHITE, SAY TO ELVA "GIVE ME GREEN SCROLL", CAST FIRE SPELL (you are protected against fire...), U (so the fire demons vanish. You notice another ward), SAY SAGAGOO, HIT WARD WITH STAFF, S, SAY SAGAGOO, GIVE STAFF TO GRAKO (he goes to hell. You have saved the world and scored 100% in the game - which wasn't that easy!!!)

NOTE: One of the Urga-Mauls (it's random who) has Velmista which will cure you.

Lord of the Rings (Microprose? The slow, buggy text game...)

The Pawn

(This is probably crap:)

Some C64's could have a faulty VIC chip. This fault is not shown under Commodore's standard diagnostic tests. If your chip is faulty, the Pawn might crash.

	10 POKE 53265,63 : POKE 53265,31 : GOTO 10
The above program tests the chip. If it crashes within about one minute, you have a faulty VIC chip.


The third encounter can be solved by waiting in the graveyard, with torch, until Ferris gets dragged into the tomb by a rat. Get a cage, go to the ruins, and enter the crypt. Go into the tunnel, grab the rat, and cage it. Dash back in the van.

Twin Kingdom Valley (YES! More hints for this one, PLEASE!)

Jerery Smith's Infinite Energy (???) cheat for Twin Kindgom Valley:

	poke 8934,192
	poke 49359, 169
	poke 49360, 190
	poke 49361, 141
	poke 49362, 142
	poke 49363, 41
	poke 49364, 76
	poke 49365, 207
	poke 49366, 255

Zim Sala Bim

(Mr. Niilo Paasivirta)