Young girls are sliding down the greased pole into the eternal flames of Hell!

International Correct Opinion, 2004-01-05

Young girls are sliding down the greased pole into the eternal flames of Hell! There their naked bodies shall be tortured by demons for ever and ever. So, wiccans, pagans, witches, homos, vegetarians, communists etc.: take Jesus in your heart before you get the punishment for sin, that is death!

Lately in the 'net and in public there has been more and more "wiccas" and "neo-pagans", who are members of an occult cult (claiming to be a "religion") developed in the 1950's. These witches are, almost without exception, young teenage girls, attracted to black magic. Witches practice occult rituals during the night. This fashion is just a part of the so-called "New Age", which is an international organization aiming at global world government.

As such, false cults are still legal in most countries. Unfortunately, cultists misuse their freedom. For example, in my country, Finland, "wiccas" rituals are blasphemy against God. This is a severe crime, yet the police is not working hard enough to punish the offenders. In this text, I reveal some secrets of the witches and the dangers into which young girls get when they indulge themselves in the occult. Always remember that Internet is full of purposeful lies.

Witches' perverse enthusiasm towards nudity is extremely suspicious. During an investigation in the woods, I observed young girls jumping around a campfire, stark naked! Fortunately I managed to take excellent videos and photographs, which I copied and distributed to the girls' parents, school, and the pastor of their congregation. This kind of debauchery desecrates the pure, sweet innocence of the girls' bodies. I found out the girls' names and addresses and I will visit them in person, or at the very least, their parents. Hopefully, the girls will be cured of their possession and cleared of their sins.

An extremely frightening ritual is "calling of the dead" near the time of Halloween. Witches dance, again in the nude, around occult objects, and hope to call spirits of the dead to them. Parents: think, what could happen to your children in the rituals of this "religion"! The devil waits exactly for these kinds of things which open the girls for possession. In addition, this ritual desecrates All Saints Day, which is a holy day for the true Christian religion, and thus this is a severe crime in Finland. I also got high quality video of this ritual, which I gave to the police.

Parents should be worried about the soul and mind of these girls! Forces of darkness is not something you play with. The Holy Bible clearly warns against these things and the consequences. Devil is ever prepared to pervert the souls of young girls. You know, it is a horrible sight, when a young satan worshipper girl in strait-jacket struggles madly in a mental institution!

Rules of the wicca-witchcraft demand, that an "Apprentice" swears to "study" wicca for years, obeying her leaders' every order and authority without question, before she gets to "Journeyman" level, also called "the Second Degree". This means practical slavery. The whole life of the "Apprentice" must be focused on occultism and rituals.

A very strange thing is wiccan "feminism". In their context, that means lesbianism, which is strongly judged in the Holy Bible. Parents of a certain young wicca-girl called me, since they were worried about the time she spent in her room with her girlfriend. One evening I, armed with a video camera, arranged a surprise inspection into the room. The scene inside this chamber of sin was so obscene that I shall not tell about any more. We also contacted her "girlfriend's" parents, and fortunately, both families agreed to strict but necessary procedures. Both girls are now cured of their homosexualism, thanks to Lord Jesus.

I have witnessed witch sabbath with the local police, the witches danced around a fire deep in the woods in the middle of the night, their naked bodies glistened with sweat... We stopped the debauchery and arrested the witches before they would have fornicated with the devil! Some of those girls were 13 years old! I was hired by the police as an expert on satan worship and I also took photographs for evidence. So girls should stop witchcraft before they get arrested and convicted.

Standard procedures won't work, as we have so many times seen in the settlement (it's a summer camp in a remote place in northern Finland, where parents send their deliquent children). It is a very rare case indeed, where simple talking, or, even, "pointing a finger and accusing" works! So, if anything, I should be even more harsh and judicial on this forum, if I hope to have any effect on those who have hardened their heart against Lord Jesus.

Extreme discipline and unceasing observation at all times are the first step. Otherwise the girl will surely find a way to sin one way or another. Then, we arrange "court", where the deliquent child is "judged", and she will have to confess all sins to Lord Jesus. She'll have to understand, that sin always results in punishment, so we must arrange punishment as well. It's all very regulated and completely consented by the parents.

"Ritual tools" are an essential component of witchcraft. The most important, one is "athame", a knife, which is also a "masculine symbol"! Having a razor-sharp knife symbolizing the male member reflects the dangers in this awful worship. I cannot imagine what terrible rituals are performed with this knife. Other tools are a wooden stick, colorful ribbons, a disc with a pentagram symbol, and so on. Parents should regularly inspect their children and their rooms for these ritual items.

Magic is pseudo-science because of the false and primitive interpretation of "rules", such as "rule of similarity", which supposedly have effect on the world. In neo-witchcraft, the base of "magic" is a strange thought, that everything in the universe is somehow connected in mystical ways. It is some kind of "energy, which is constantly in move". There's an endless amount of such nonsense in the Internet, but we Christians know the truth, of course.

Indeed, the Holy Bible is correct, when it encourages strict discipline to the children. Corporeal punishment should also be used as the Bible says, except that communists have made that illegal in our country. Father of a young girl: if you see your girl getting into witchcraft, shouldn't it be your duty to tie her into her bed and lavishly apply the switch onto her naked buttocks? This is now forbidden by the law in Finland! Punishment would be for her own good, which she would realize later as she grows up. But here I am not encouraging anyone to use the switch, because it is forbidden by our law, and the Bible tells us to respect the law, even when it's bad.

Parents: should your children be tempted by witchcraft, the first thing you must do, is to destroy all ritual tools and ground the child. Praying our Lord Jesus is very important. From your temple, you can get some holy water, and spray it around. I have seen that in the worst cases, the holy water literally boils on the child's skin!

I have been chosen to the government committee which will eliminate satan worship and witchcraft from Finland. I am also translating the relevant parts of the most famous witch-hunter's guidebook Malleus Maleficarum to finnish. It will be helpful for formulating the addendum to the criminal law of Finland.

Here in Finland we are working to reinstate capital punishment as well as physical punishment (caning) and I've heard mr. Bush is also on our side. People of US are christian, thus they support Bush in the war against terrorists who are always non-christians!

The only way to bring peace is to eliminate terrorism and convert people of Iraq and all the Middle-East into christianity. This is obvious, there has never been peace there for as long as majority of the people have been non-christians. This was clearly seen during the Crusades - the time of the Crusader Kingdoms was the only period of peace period in that area. Christianity brings peace to the world, so, anyone opposing christianity wants the war to continue. It is non-christians who always start all wars. Like, we all know from the history that Hitler was an evolutionist, and Stalin an atheist. Japanese are shintoists which is almost like witchcraft and they started WWII against USA. So the pattern is clear: Christians are always just defending themselves against evil.

An international conspiracy constantly tries to promote witchcraft. There are many TV series which subconsciously affect the children, like "Sabrina" and "Bewitched". These are clear indications of the New World Order working behind the scenes, towards a pagan "Global Union", that is, a world government, which would mean Armageddon and the end of the world. It is good that Christians are fighting against this development. Join our Lord Jesus in the battle against evil!

Finally, an important warning: exorcism should not be performed by parents themselves, because such measures require an experienced exorcist, with much experience and strong faith. Clerics of the state church of Finland, by the way, are never trained in these procedures. Mundanes should not meddle with evil powers! It is important to know the proper words and procedures thoroughly. Most people can not achieve the skill and strength necessary for exorcism. So, you should contact a professional.

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(Mr. Niilo Paasivirta)