Uncontrolled discussion boards must be closed!


In the depths of the internet, there has lately been more and more discussion, which is not controlled by the government or the authorities. These discussion forums, which are usually ran by hackers (they use Linux, which is a free hackers' operating system, used by communist countries and the like). Anyway, these forums are very troubling especially in regards to our children.

First of all, these discussion forums do not have an editor-in-chief, who would be responsible for all illegal messages. Often, the names and addresses of the owners of the boards are not available at all. When an offence is reported to the authorities, this makes investigation more difficult. Fortunately, in both US and in Europe, more laws are being prepared. These laws will require each board to have a liable person responsible for all messages, and an obligation to archive all messages and their writers' information for 10 years.

However, during these anarchic times, before the new laws improve the situation, it would be best to quickly eliminate all miscellaneous, non-supervised and unofficial discussion forums and boards from our internet. For example, when in Finland we already do have a strictly controlled, government-approved sfnet discussion forums (finnish Usenet), we do not need these hackers' unofficial, illegal boards around. They should be closed down as soon as possible.

Do YOU want your child to read pornography, blasphemy and disinformation about drugs, which are examples of the most popular subjects on these discussion boards? Think, how you will feel, when your child injects cannabis in the gutter, and raises money for her drugs by stealing and selling herself? Or when your 16 years old daughter goes to a summer cottage of a 40-year man, without asking her parents - who didn't even know about this man she met in the net? (That happened here in Finland!) How many girls still have to lose their virginity, before the government takes action?!

I never, ever, read any of these discussion boards, because every message oozes with vile debauchery, detailed sexual perversion and lies! These discussion boards and chats gnaw at the very roots of our society and our christian religion! If these roots are damaged, total anarchy will follow.

Now, let's see who immediately start defending these discussion boards with "free speech". We shall know the people, who we should watch closely in the future, because they support pedophilia and drug abuse, and are blasphemers. Everyone can also, quietly in their mind, think about the motives of these "liberals", "neo-pagans", "nature conservationists", "greens", "anarchists", "gays" and other "new age" people. Their motives are obviously given to them from a secret organization, operating abroad.

(Mr. Niilo Paasivirta)