"Anime" is corrupting our children!


Recently in Finland, a new "children's movie" by Disney, "Spirited Away" has been advertised aggressively in every media. I thoroughly investigated this film using the movie review of "SubTV" channel. First of all, I wondered why this cartoon was dubbed, of all available languages, into japanese!

Have they gone crazy at Disney corporation? I thought that all Disney's movied are dubbed into finnish language in Finland, and under strict supervision of the company too. Do they really believe that 7 year old children can read subtexts?

However, this movie apparently is related to japanese "anime" movie. Next, I made myself familiar with the world of "anime" by browsing many web pages in the net. Soon I came to a conclusion, that "anime" means a movie, which has violence, demons, and teenage girls dressed in sailor suits, raped by tentacle monsters in graphic scenes!

In this "Spirited Away" movie the main character is a young female child, as in all "anime" movies. But as far as I know, finnish law forbids child pornography, and it is a most severe offense with heavy punishment.

Parents: it's time to become become ever more observant. Do You want, that your children look at devils ripping people into pieces, while blood and guts splatter around? Do You want your children to see, when bullets impale human body, while blood gushes out? Do You want your children to see, when satanic tentacle monsters rape little girls into every body orifice? Then You want your children to watch "anime" cartoons.

It's possible, that in Japan's distressed and anti-christian culture, extreme violence offers some kind of relief to their children. But in civilized cultures, it has been proven that movie and TV-violence are the reason for violent behaviour and drug abuse.

Also, as a True Christian, I cannot tolerate the pagan religions depicted in "anime" movies. Do we teach children pagan religions in elementary schools, like, buddhism instead of christianity? No, we don't. In this viewpoint "anime" movies are particularly depraving, because they portray pagan religions in positive light.

All "anime" must be banned as quickly as possible. Fortunately our fatherland European Union is working against the filth of "anime". Importing movies, books and comics from aboard (outside EU) is being banned soon. This gives us hope, because most of the filth and pagan religions is located outside EU.

(Mr. Niilo Paasivirta)