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Updated 2003-02-10

People in USA are stupid and fat! They send me stupid comments!

Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001
Subject: Hating america

As a citizen of the United States, I think that it is only natural to hate the USA.  The United States collectively is powerful and rich and well known.  We weild influence, wrongly or rightly, all over the world, and have done so to an extreme measure for the last 60 years.  Our money causes our culture (movies, television shows, products and franchises) to trample the cultures and wills of other nations.  We do not do this because we are evil or good.  We do this simply because we are able.  After all, at one time, post WWII, the USA had literally half of the money in the world.  Currently, as I understand it, we have somewhere near one forth of the money in the world.  We have a government that is able to afford a huge military, and able to afford weilding influence through bribery on a national scale, arming freinds and isolating enemies.  My only question is this-  Have we done worse than any other country would in the same position?  We have taken no colonies in this era, demanded no tribute from vassal states.  Countries that we beat in war we have befriended, sometimes supported.  Countries that defeated us, well, we try to befriend them too.   Socially, domestically, we do have our problems.  We still pay for our sin of holding slaves-  I think African Americans will never forgive us.  In addition our enormous number of immigrants have forever created an underclass that didn't quite fit in.  Used to be the Italians or the Irish that people feared, now it is Latin Americans.  They too will eventually assimilate.  We aren't evil people.  We are just ordinary people with a lot of power.  We are ordinary because our ancestors came from everywhere.  We are powerful and rich because of a streak of historical luck, which will eventually end.

Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001

I guess it's better to be from a country that everyone hates than from one that no cares about, or could ever care about. Finland may as well be in Southeast Asia.

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
Subject: You are right about much...

I live in the US, and I'm not pleased about much of what goes on here. Having traveled much, I really liked London and Amsterdam. I want to move to a European location, but I cannot convince my fiance to make the move. Many people here have hair trigger tempers, and are barbarian in their behavior. What country do you live in? Is it very nice there? Anyway, peace to you.

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001
Subject: USA haters page

Ooh! A shit disturbance! (dons shit suit, jumps in, and whirls with the eddies...)

Anyways, all I got to say if if someone doesn't love their own country like an American loves theirs, they're living in the wrong country. Unless you're an Indian, in which case, the wrong country came to you.

From Cahokia (a former Indian community), Illinois.

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001
Subject: No sense of humor

Niilo Paasivirta, (Jesus, you Finns need to export some vowels to the former Yugoslavia)

Jeezus Christ! Another reason you folks across the big puddle hate us so much is because most of us have NO FUCKING SENSE OF HUMOR!!

How many star spangled assholes have threatened to come over from America and take your life over a webpage that is essentially a joke directed at our expense? I laughed a bit, but I confess it did annoy me a little. But GOD DAMN! I come over to the comments page and find all these threats over THIS?!? I'm afraid the anonymity of computers gets into the heads of some people, and many Americans have computers. I enjoy chatting and communicating with people of other countries because most seem to realize that they are representing their nations as well as themselves. Most Americans don't. Most Americans are reasonably smart, but when it comes to our country, a lot of us lose our intelligence.

Sorry for the rap and country music.

And about our no sense of humor? Seen any of our TV comedies lately? Urgh!

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001
Subject: I love your hate pages

Congratulations. I am envious of you. I live in the USA, infact just thirty minutes from Disney World. So, I know first hand what you mean. Keep up the good work. I'm going to tell my friends about your pages.

Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001
Subject: Funny site

As an American, I must say, you are one of the funniest mofos out there. I saw this website and recalled back to an earlier page I'd seen a couple of year ago all about how people who play RPGs are going to hell and that sort of thing. RPGs aren't my sort of thing, but I was surprised to see that it was a Finnish website instead of an American one. That was the first thing I noticed when I saw your USA Hate page. I did a little digging and quickly realized the connection.

I think it's funny and cute that all you people from countries with hilarious little languages and even smaller international influence are always saying nasty things about America. I recognize how hard it is to grow up in a really shitty country, that's cold all the time, and not rich like America. I know it must suck to be everybody's bitch, and to be famous for nothing except third rate cell phones. I just wanted to let you know, that you have my pity, you poor little third-worlder. Or wherever Finland is.

Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001
Subject: BRAVO!!

Hey bro,

I have never in many years of surfing been moved enough to write an e-mail to someone on their site; however, please accept my most sincere thanks and congrats on a most wonderfully incisive and intelligent web page. BRAVO!!! If only more people could see the truth and stop leaving their countries to come to this shit hole. Once again THANKS for keeping the word out that this mother sucks.

Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001

If you hate america then we will just have to bomb the hell out of you like we are going to do to bin Laden. DIE you stupid foreign fucker long live bush death with the king or president or duke or whatever the hell you have

Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001
Subject: asshole

since you hate the usa so fucking much, why don't you move to afganistan? That way you can fight us like a man would, not some loser who puts up a ignorant web site. Maybe ill put a finland sucks site up... oh wait, finland has NOTHING. there is nothing to hate. I'll bet you made your computer is running windows.. better dump it, it's american. and so is the technology and servers that allow you have your hate filled page viewed.

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001

You should not show such obvious envy. If you work really hard maybe someday Finland will become a nation.

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001
Subject: hey wats up

hey man i think ure site is the shit i hate usa eveyone is a dumass

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001
Subject: one think you should add to your usa hate list

-The USA forced Nativ Amerikans to death

Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001
Subject: good job

I only want to congratulate you for the USA HATERS home page, it's great.

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001
Subject: US hate page

List is incomplete, less than 101 items - another one: the way they always call Britain "England".

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001
Subject: US hate page

How about the way Americans they are brainwashed into thinking that European countries are close-knit, disadvantaged, unfree and poverty striken, when in fact they are secure, civilised, sober, wealthy and far more academic, intellectually free and liberal.

Or the fact that the non-thinking classes rule?

Or that their society is hopelessly turbulant?

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001

You are an asshole. I will tell Bush to blow up your non productive country. FU pal. Go find yourself another sheep.

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001

Who feeds starving people in Africa? I don't believe there was any oil in Yugoslavia or Somalia. Who won the Cold War?

Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001
Subject: your american hate pages

With the loss of over 6,000 lives due to terrorism, don't you think it might be time to pull remove the "I hate Americal" site? Who the hell thinks about Finland? Uggh


Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
Subject: americans....

Hi and thanks in advance for putting up my mail in your list I dont hate Americans but I dont like most of their history and their actions taken in order to be where they are today. As they call themselves the best thing that hit the world.. And as I was reading your page I noticed that most of the "americans" as they call themselves... only answer to "your" reasons listed but fail to take under concideration any ot the facts mentioned in any of the mails weriten by people of other nationalities in your page. In other words , its like they "didnt see the other responces to your page".....?

I read most of your responces from the "americans" and I decided to TAKE OUT these lines to observe them more closely and give my opinion on them (remeber guys!, these exsamples are real coments from real life human beings living in the U.S.A) -PS- take under concideration that I was brought to the U.S.A by my parents and lived there just untill I was old enough to get out and get a "real" look at the world and get some unegoistic fresh air.

the #numbered sentences are by americans , underneath you will see a coment in parathesise() thats my coments. LETS BEGIN!

1. Well, you suceeded in pissing every single class of Americans there are off. I might notbe the most patriotic person but trashing the single greatest country on the face of the planet is only slightly over board.

(Ironic idiot, he concideres himself "not to be" the most patriotic person BUT continues to say the USA is the *single greatest country on the face of the planet AND THEEEEN! he calls the owner of the page *slightly overboard.* if this guy is not patriotic, can you imagine what a patriotic person is like in the good'ol U.S. of A...?

2. God Bless American and it's Navy, Army, Air Force, Burger Kings, Pepsi, Hamburgers, New York Yankees, Budweiser beer, Hot Dogs, God Bless America!

(Most americans say to be "Christians" and this can be proved every time the presedent of the U.S.A gives a speach. Well not *God nor any Saint you beleave in will bless people who kill people no matter the cause or what you say.. Much less a BURGER!! A hotdog or a beer ! than this person says;god bless America! is that what culture and religion is to this human ?? The army, the Yankees burgers and beer ? I have a friend who studied a year en the U.S.A, well the "american" "christian" family he was living with took him to church his first weekend , where he found it very funny when the "Father" preacher asked to pray for the U.S.A. to have Many winers during the Olimpics...hey peole! You have kids killing eachother in schools remember ???????

3. America tends to produce superior ideas and dominant products in almost every market in addition to having a much more stable system.
4. Our hard working citizens make money so that our government spends it on other nations to help them out.
5. We are powerful and rich because of a streak of historical luck. While some of these complaints you make may be of a really important nature, most of them are on the level of nitpicky, non-character aspects of a nation (their "bad food", "bad TV" shows, etc)
6 . We could take on this whole world and win. You bastards wouldn't even stand a chance, you pussys can't even defend yourself, you need Americans to come in and risk their lives for you and dare criticize us? remember "D" day? Probably not with your third world education.

(Mr#3,4,5 and6 aparently dont have the education to know ANYTHING!!!We know you are a rich nation, wich is great! Beautiful! But (WE ALL) know what you are thinking in your litle head when you visit our nations and thats why we dont like most of you. Rich doesn not equal to *POWER* stop being egoistiic idiots, because you DONT EVEN give anyone a chance to feel inferior!! Also The "american" Superior Products you mention are ALLLLL *made* and *assembled* in third world counties! Those are the hard working citizens you talk about, so dont tell me it was pure *luck*! Look at the the Tag on the back of your T-shirt!! Look at the tag on your shoes!! electronic machines!!!!!!!! 100 AMERICAN DOLARS for a sweater *Abercromby N Fitch* made in *thailand*! *Levis* assembled in *Guatemala*! 130 AMERICAN DOLARS for *Diesel* jeans made in *Mexico*!!! *GAP* made in *Singapore*! *Nike* and *Structure* MADE IN THAILAND! You spend 5 "american" dolars to make thease products AAND pay the poor manufacturers and sell it back to the rest of the world for 100 AMERICAN DOLLARs! is that part of the stable sistem you "americans" take so much pride in?!?!?!!?!?! then you call US UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS??!!! If the rest of the world decided to , you idiots would be starving.. And you should Be Grateful we put up with your Ignorant, Egoistic, MTV generation, eXstasied asses!

7. We are the bravest, toughest, and most noble people in the world, and you wonder why we have a bad attitude towards all you ungrateful bastards.

(Did this guy mention *NOBLE* does he know that noble is an ethical word??? or maby he was using it as a noun... But it doesnt even makes sense that way eather.. Even if your country didnt exsist during the WW2 we would still bee here and living.. Im sorry to tell you that if your country was to disapear, the world would continue to rotate and we would all be sad yeah BUT FINE!, just like we were long before your country ever exsisted...

15. i am one of the luckiest people on earth to be born in the greatest most powerful nation ever known.

(the power you have is not the right kind, thats why 80 percent of the worlds *Prozac* and *Ridelin* is consumed by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And then they come and talk shit to us?? all *high*!!! Its fine if you have that opinion of yourself, JUST DONT TRY TO FORCE IT ON US, educate yourself about the world and be *HUMBLE* people..

16. Through blood, sweat, and tears, the greatest country in the world was formed.

(Yeah not to mention the BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS spilled all over by the INDIANS you tortured and KILLED to STEAL and SETLE in their land, wich now you call the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There are almost literaly no indians left!! and the remainig of them you NAMED American indians??? fuck you! Also the BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS from the mexicans you KILLED to STEAL THEIR LAND WICH YOU NOW CALL *TEXAS*! All the Black people you took from Africa to make them slaves. AND NOW you whine about 5 thousand killed in the WORLD TRADE CENTER? what about the 70 thousand!!! YOU killed in *IROSHIMA*?!! and that was just to name a couple or so .. NOTE have you questioned yourself why the WTC was attaked ?? I think you are the nation who has killed more human beings and waisted the most human lives.. And you should stop saying; may god continue to bless "america". But; may god SAVE "america"

(and last but not least , my two personal favorites)

5.Subject: Jealous, eh?
6. And u would sell your mother to live here.

PS all the words or frases between *stars* are advised to be looked up in a dictionary

Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001
Subject: You jealous, ignorant little man.

If we didn't help your wimpy, little army in WW2, you'd be doing the goose step right now. I just wish I had enough power to cut off the subsidies our country supplies to that crappy, frigid, shit-hole you call a country.

Go fuck yourself, asshole! We don't need you.

Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001

Hi, HAHAHA who cares what you think.....


Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000
Subject: americans

I don't know why everyone hates Americans so much. No one chooses where they're born and raised. A lot of Americans are stupid, but people from all over the world are stupid. I read some of your e-mails you got from Americans, and I must say, those people were pretty dumb. But those people obviously had a pretty low intellegence level, and most Americans are not like that. Fast food is not the best food, but you gotta admit McDonalds makes some pretty good fries. We're brought up to like that stuff (some of us) because that's just part of our way of life. Just because we don't sit around being stuck up tight asses and drinking tea doesn't mean we're stupid idiots who go to church every Sunday but still carry a gun and eat fast food everyday. Every single person in America is different and unique, even if they wear Old Navy and all that stuff. I'm American, and I won't even look in that stupid store. Why don't you just quit being so judgemental and shut the hell up?

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001
Subject: Hit it on the head

As an American (in the wrong country, usually I don't admit being a Yank) I have to applaud you and your wonderful page. You got it all in a nutshell. I'm moving to Europe once I graduate.

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001
Subject: USA

Hello, I recently came across your page and read almost all the the hate pages and most of the hate mails you recieved.

I am a 20 year old male who has lived in the US my whole life. I must say, besides the obvious jokes and ridiculus jabs (Barney, DisneyLand) you are for the most part completely correct about the general mindset of American culture. I took some time debating whether or not to email you expressing my opinion, knowing that no matter what point I present, this email will be placed in between two other emails with excessive swearing and hypocritical patriotism. However, I finally decided to write anyway.

First of all, to people who are planning on and have written hate mail to this person, for god's sake, spell check you letters! At least make an attempt to make your american culture praiseworthy. How stupid does it look?

"You are a stupid itiot. You are a fat comunist! I luv america, we ar all very cool!"

Christ, and please refrain from using US cliches when praising your own country, it only serves to further distance yourself from the rest of the world, making your lingo an inside clique language, such as:

"America rocks! We are phat!"

Secondly, for my main point, I want to point out that this country is called the 'land of the free'. But 'freedom' was initially granted to those explorers with the strength to kill those first living in this great land. The native americans. Now if anyone doesn't agree with this, then you need to go back to first grade history, because this isn't my opinion, it's a fact. This country was built right on top of the still-settling indian graves.

Now this is fact. Not speculation or opinion. There is no disagreeing, that's the way it is. We came, killed EVERYONE who was here and said we discovered it. Now, knowing that information, let's take a look at our country.

Those three ideals of america all stem from the fact that we took this great country away from a weaker less developed society.

Now look at how we celebrate it.

Columbus day: (actually it was Amerigo Vespucci who landed here, not Columbus, but hey, we're Americans, who cares?) We take time to celebrate the fact that some spanish guy came over here and killed everyone here so we could live here.

God bless America: This is quite a daring statement. Which god is blessing us? Obviously, this god must be on our side because he condoned the killing of all the native Americans, so I guess that eliminates the possiblity of a Chreokee god endorsing the US.

Thanksgiving: Let's all celebrate the time when we first sat down to eat with indians. They showed us how to survive on this new land and how to grow food. Little did they know that once we knew the land we were going to kill them all right after desert. I wonder if the indians on reservations celebrate thanksgiving?

Now after all this information has been presented you should question some things more often. Before you go raving about the US, think about what you're standing for next time you sit down for a thanksgiving turkey.

No matter what you want this country to be, or what you think it is, the country was founded on the genocide of a weaker society that stood in our way.


Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001
Subject: bl=?ISO-8859-1?B?4w==?=

a pityful site ..indeed !

i'm Finnish/karelian and aroumanian/macedonian - married to a loving, kind and spirutal american who also have been writing roleplaying games for over 15 yrs.

ofcourse everyone knows, that the stuff here at this site are full of bull...

i was born in sweden and have been living abroad for 1/2 my age :=AC)

yes ...people are the same, regardless of faith, profession or place of origin !

you can put this into your oh... so wonderFULa gBook

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001
Subject: soumi

Six reasons to hate Soumi:

  1. They slept when god handled out languages.
  2. They are alcoholics.
  3. They goes the their bars to fight.
  4. They fights with knifes.
  5. Only trees , trees and trees.
  6. Their saunas.

Nothing personal.

Emil, Sweden

[Naughty Emil, go and carve a wooden doll.]

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001

you suck you no nothing about the usa you are satans dog god does not love you

Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001
Subject: The USA sucks

Look. I am SICK and TIRED of hearing this BULLSHIT about the USA being the worldís greatest nation. (And what the hellís all this "I pledge elegance to the flag of the United States of American" bullshit) You go on and on about you have more rights than anyone else, and all this free speech*, but in reality you are no more democratic than the next free country.

In a survey of the worldís most democratic nations, the USA came 37th! And who came top I here you ask? I canít remember for sure, but it was a Scandinavian country, like Iceland, Sweden or even Finland. I mean for Christís sake, your country has no nationalised health care, no gun laws and the death penalty is enforced. Makes it sound like a third world dictatorship, doesnít it.

And donít try to retaliate with "More immigrants risk their lives to get to the USA than to any other nation, so we MUST be great!". That is indeed true, but only because of your extreme cockiness, pride and patriotism. The poor misguided immigrants think your streets are paved with gold. And when they get to the promised land, are they running their own chain of restaurants within a month? Nope. Theyíre living in a cardboard box in Chicago, being pushed around by youíre cheeky cops.

And donít you dare call me jealous. I donít want to live in a country which lies to itís people, forces itís countrymen to dish out thousands of dollars for vital surgery, and is hated by the rest of the world.

Oh, and about Europeans having no guts. How come we had the balls to fight Germany for the whole of both world wars, and us Brits are risking getting anthraxed to Hell to help you fight the Taliban.

*I heard a story that on one Fourth of July, an American citizen who shared my views on US politics put a sign on his door that read "America is a farce". A few hours later, a policeman knocked at his door and inquired about the manís sign. He called the man a traitor, among other profanities, and tore down the sign. So much about having the freedom to express your own opinion.

Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001
Subject: What is wrong with you?

THIS IS ENOUGH!!! You all have no dignity nor pride whatsoever! All you do is argue who's the best or who's the worst. THE REST OF THE WORLD, THE FINNS, THE AMERICANS, AND EVEN THE FRENCH ARE ALL HUMAN LIKE YOU AND ME! We all share the same emotions, feelings, thrist, hunger, and dreams. No group of people is better one other group of people. NOT all Americans are fat and stupid. Your ignorance sickens me as well as other people who have enough sense. You should rethink your priorities and get on with your life and be productive and help anothers instead of destroying others with your petty human prejudice.

Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001
Subject: do u have no decency?

God u kno what? u can shove it, I AM an American and seriously, ur just fuckin jealous of us all...u WISH u had 1/2 the stuff we do...ur fuckin immature. I dont c why u hate us so much, its not like ur from Afghanistan or anything, my god. Whatever, I dont care, u should realize that no matter what the hell u say, it dont matter to me, cuz at least I have a life, which u dont. So go get one, creep. -Me

Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001
Subject: you weak finnish crying boy

niilos pussartuya-

any more of your hate=filled messages and you will be reported to your ISP... got that, stooge boy? You moronic ideas and pathetic filthy ravings do not interest me. Like all Finns, your ignorance is only surpassed by your insurmountable stupidity. Get a job, take a bath, and sober up.

Face the facts, reindeer-boy: AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Finland does not even count.

Too bad about your guest-book. You are a huge loser. I mock you!

Rod Spunksplatter, your superior in every way!

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001
Subject: fuck the system!

hey dude!
im with u!
fuck the motherfuckers from usa!
they suck!

some reasons to be from the U-fucking-SA

some reasons to be french:

10 reasons to be sweddish:

  1. blond girls!
  2. sexual freedom
  3. blond girls!
  4. Vodka Absolut
  5. blond girls!
  6. sexual freedom
  7. blond girls!
  8. Volvo
  9. blond girls!
  10. sexual freedom with 2 blond girls, drinking Absolut on a volvo's backseat!

10 reasons to be english:

  1. 2 wars and a football championship
  2. hot beer (argh)
  3. confuse everyone with the cricket rules
  4. accept elegantly the defeat
  5. make the best cooked potato in the world
  6. laugh the ass off with Mr. Bean's jokes
  7. live in the best and think they still are a big country
  8. take a shower every week, even if dont need so many...
  9. be gentle and kind with the "lower" people that visit england
  10. know that all bugs come from Scotland

10 reasons to be scottish

  1. not being english
  2. drink national whisky and dont have headache
  3. not being english
  4. drink national whisky and dont have headache
  5. not being english
  6. drink national whisky and dont have headache
  7. not being english
  8. not being english
  9. drink national whisky and dont have headache
  10. use skirts and dont feel faggy...

9 reasons to be italian:

  1. know all the bizarre forms of pasta
  2. fool with the women that pass by
  3. call the car "la mia macchina" even if its an old shit
  4. be pacific: the last military glories were a loooooong time ago
  5. talk with the hands
  6. eat italian alici pizzas
  7. live next to the pope
  8. call football "calccio" and be tri times champion of the world
  9. having the best bodyguards, in sicily

ten reasons to be from argentina

  1. none
  2. be a mix of indians and italians, but think they are english
  3. none
  4. thinks that Mendoza's wine is better tha chilean wine
  5. none
  6. think they are best in football (and everything else)
  7. none
  8. Be a neighbour of Brasil
  9. none
  10. Be pround of the national shoes, despite not having money to buy it..

10 reasons to be Brasilian

  1. the best football in the world
  3. Caipirinha, in the beach
  4. lower the value of the Real to fuck with Argentina
  5. brasilian food!!!
  6. women in bikini, any kind of girls...
  7. live in south america and dont need to talk spanish
  8. have the same nationality that God has
  9. have a 34 years old football player that is not a cocaine addict
  10. not having be born in Argentina

cya man!
DoWn WiTh ThE sYsTeM!
BraSiL RuLeZ!!!

ps: finnish metal rulez! i luv it

Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001
Subject: hey!

hallo!i am a greek guy who found your site about usa!you cannot imagine how much i hate those bastards and their pathetic super market like country!!!that which is important(and was a nice surprise for me),is that i have some common reasons to hate them!i will include that USA IS NOT A NATION!!!never was,never be one!!!because a nation consists from people with common blood(+dna),history,traditions,land,language etc and of course a name!!!they dont have even a name.cause america=continent,brasilians,perouvians,colombians etc they are americans to!and everyone can be an ''american''.he only have to sign some documents,hahahaha...god damned yanks.even here where i am,in u.k people beleives they are:stupid,fat,ungly,ignorant,loud,talk to much etc... i am very gland i found your page...ah,the map is PERFECT hahaha,excellent!!!thank you;-)

p.s:Europe rules!let's destroy those fucking colonists+immigrants!!!

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001
Subject: your websites

Moi Niilo!

I just for the first time have seen your USA hate website. It's awesome. What I like even better is the christian hate website.

I have a lot of friends in Finland and I've visited there and plan to do so again next summer. And I cannot sit here with my mouth shut while these ignorant delusional fucks trash Finland!! So, I need for you to tell me please how can I post comments to your sites.

I am a Pagan and I don't tolerate christianity either so I have a lot to say in both forums.

If you like metal music and you are a heathen you might like to check out a band called Moonsorrow They are a great band, good heathen people and they sing in Finnish, which should not present a problem for you.

Florida USA (but not by choice)

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001
Subject: Fuck U S A!

Way to go,man! Your website about US is among the most intelligent things i ever saw online-plus,it's 100% truth! I have spent several years in that miserable excuse for a society-and have to agree with you 100%.But they do a damn good job in brainwashing certain not-so bright Europeans via Hollywood -the myth of "American dream" is,unfortunately,alive and well,especialy in Eastern Europe -and it works for attracting a steady stream of cheap labor force into the empire-underpaid workers are always needed-lack of quality and skills there is compensated by long and underpaid work hours and so-called "family values" are promoted,because in order to support families,people work even longer hours-and their government makes more in incom tax withholdings to finance huge military. I think,Hollywood should be replaced by quality European cinema-more suitable for Euro audience-unfortunately,not many countries invest enough into film industry-so ,unless one goes out of his/her way for quality-people are pretty much limited to junk a-la "Independence day"[a Negro and a Jew save the world on the day of US holiday,that no one in the rest of the world cares about-how much more pathetic can it get?]and simular statements of worthless "plastic culture". Well,dude,keep up the good work-because of all mentioned above and many other reasons the world needs intelligent sources of information,such as Your website.Take care,man. the agitator leading the masses into fires of retribution and war .a theme of all time and places. nowhere can man develop his full potential for evil better than in a state of total war.incessant warfare being the closest realization of hellish chaos on earth.

Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001
Subject: US citizens can just eat shit! (Unless they already do...)

Great page, you've got an extremely tricky name however. Anyway, to get to my point, I hate americans as well. I live in New Zealand, and Ihave been to the states. It's a great place, DC especially, but the people, omg, they are the most disgusting, foul, crude lump of shit race ever. People go on about Hitler and how he killed millions of Jews, ok, it was terrible, but Americans killing millions of communists, and as you so nicely put, because the americans are scared that theyll take over the world with their cigars.Last year our only cigar magazine in the country was censored... Where did censorship start??? Oh, yeah the states. Why? Because they like to make everything that comes from their country so disgusting.

Apparently, there is this different version of The Bible in the states that says, 'Thou shalt murder, Thou shalt rape, Thou shall covet whatever he wants and kill for it, Thou shalt spit in The Almighty's face by claiming to be Christian, and following him, then having sex at the age of 14 and getting pregnant'. I think it goes something like that. USA is a blister full of pus pulling down the rest of the world. These stupid moaning yanks go 'Ah yes, the whole english speaking western world is just like us', that's only cuz they think lets take over the whole fucking world and they're doing that. Just because hell and satan reigns in usa, they try to make themselves feel better by spreading it around the world.

Anyway, the americans should just ask themselves whether they'd like to be minding their own business when someone comes into their place of work, puts them in a truck with no windows and splatter their brains everywhere,or whether they'd rather die when some crazed New Zealander drops napalm of them, causing them to burn to death, painful, horrid. 10% of americans are worthy of my love, the rest can go to hell. Again, I say thank you.

PS Please include my email address, I like to argue with those fucked up americans.

[Nope, I can't verify your address so I won't.]

Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001

Ha! I read your US page and I love it! Now if only more people can think like you! Europe rocks!

Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003
Subject: America the beautiful.

Typical commies from Europe. You people bash our country because we are the greatest of all. Yet, the second any of you non-showering douchebags have any trouble, you call on old Uncle Sam. Germany, France, Italy, shall I go on? We have a great country because we have freedom, freedom offers many great things, it also offers some negative things as well, but the positives far outweight the negatives. In America we are forced to support 3rd world countries and bogus organizations like the UN. 75% of the UN budget comes from America. The only reason all of Europe is not speaking German today is because we liberated the piece of shit continent. Hitler was running through Europe like shit through a goose. Go to Normandy and see how many men we lost trying to save you assholes. Where would Finland be if he continued? So instead of ripping us apart verbally, just say thank you and act like you appreciate what our great country does for everyone else. Even if you don't. Americans will not be spending anymore money in Europe outside of our great friend England. France and Germany will feel the hits of a low tourism dollar real soon. There is a lot of negative press about them right now and its safe to say, Americans hate Germany and France. Don't piss us off, you might be next.-Mike

(Niilo Paasivirta)